My experience in writing, editing, and reviewing scientific publications is extensive, for both my own work and that of others.  I'm intimately familiar with general technical writing and editing styles, including technical details of grammar and punctuation, as well as with specific journal requirements. 
Examples of my research and writing are available here: non-technical articles and PDFs of recent scientific publications.

       Guy Nesom

         Biologist, Writer 

  Scientific, medical, technical

Erigeron heleniae, an endemic of gypsum outcrops in northeastern Mexico.  The genus Erigeron includes nearly 500 species worldwide and is one of many genera of which I've intensively studied the evolution, classification, and
taxonomy.  Photo by George Hinton.

I've been an active researcher, writer, editor, and teacher in biological science since 1980.  My research and publishing have encompassed a broad range of topics, including defining and identifying species, developing hypotheses regarding their evolutionary relationships, developing classification systems, and assigning stable nomenclatures.  In all, I have published more than 380 research reports. 

My training includes chemistry, physiology, genetics, and anatomy.  Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1980. 

* Non-natives, invasive species
* Trees of Huntsville and Walker County
* Fort Worth parks
* Native species new to science
* Texas endemics (Bill Carr)
* Texas rare plants (Bill Carr)
* Illustrated guides for identification of Texas plants
Lists, rankings, and documentation for the ca. 820 non-native plant species known to grow outside of cultivation in Texas.  Invasive species.
Natural features, especially the plants, of public parks in Fort Worth -- with photos and a description for each park.  Overview of the Fort Worth park system.
* Conservation easements
* Why do scientific names change?
* Name changes in Aster
* Liberal arts education: other species
* Representing humanity
* Choice words, phrases, and aphorisms

Digital publications in taxonomy, floristics, and geographical distribution of vascular plants.