Solidago juliae (Julia's goldenrod) grows mostly on the Edward's Plateau of central Texas, but it extends in range southwestward the trans-Pecos counties and into northern Chihuahua. It almost always is found in wet soil along the edges of permanent streams.  Named in 1989 for Julia Wells Nesom.
Julia in Austin, 1988
Julia and Genevieve with Castilleja genevievana
 Crockett Co, Texas, 1993
Fort Worth '07

Holotype of Solidago juliae (University of Texas herbarium)


Solidago juliae along Dolan Creek,       Val Verde County, Texas,                      10 October 2008.   Photo by Bill Carr. 

Solidago juliae along Devil's River, Val Verde County,  10 October 2008.  Photo by Bill Carr.